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Review of Nitrite Inhibitor for Protection of Rebar Corrosion

Anil Kumar, Altaf Ahmad


Load bearing concrete structures need steel reinforcement (rebar) strips or rods, which are prone to attack by the corrosive environment inside the concrete due to constant ingress of moisture, pollutant gases and anions (mainly Cl-, SO4- -). One of the means of reducing such type of corrosion is the use of inhibitors. Inhibitors are water soluble but film forming on metals by their selective adsorption on the metal surface. These may be inorganic or organic chemicals selected on the basis of their performance in inhibition but the nitrite inhibitors were suitable choice for protection of rebar corrosion


concrete, reinforcement, rebar, corrosion, polarization, inhibitor (cathodic, anodic), immersion test, Cl- permeation

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