A Review of the Bionic Surfaces for Engineering Applications

S. H. Deshmukh, Dr. C. L. Gogte


The word ‘bionics’ refers to copying Nature, or taking ideas from Nature. As the field is increasingly influencing the emerging subjects of science and engineering, it has innumerable applications in fields such as robotics, product design, automobile components and biomaterials. This paper emphasizes the development of bionic surfaces for various engineering applications. It gives the relevance of bionic surfaces mimicked from insects/animals. It also presents a critical review of the work of researchers over the last decade to improve the wear resistance of the surfaces on the principle of bionics, as wear is the major contributor in material and energy consumption. The focus, at the outset is to review the objective, methodology, the technology covered, and the outcome of the past research work. Then the efforts are made to identify the areas for further investigation of the principles of bionic wear resistant non smooth surfaces in the engineering and agricultural applications.


Biomimetics, Bionics, laser, surface, texturing, non-smooth, wear

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