Al-MMC Foam: Synthesis and Characterisation

Joyjeet Ghose, Vinay Sharma, Surender Kumar


Aluminium alloy composite foams are produced in the laboratory using TiH2-CaCO3 dual foaming agents. The density of the developed material varied along various cross sections. There exists a  more pronounced variation in density along the direction of foaming. Compressive and tensile tests are performed on Aluminium Metal Matrix composite (Al-MMC) specimens of different relative density. The compressive stress-strain response of the material establishes their engineering utility in terms of their industrial applications. Based on the compressive stress-strain response, it is found that the material is suitable for applications such as lightweight panel, and impact energy absorption. Investigations into acoustic absorption characterisation revealed that the developed Al-MMC foam have excellent sound absorption properties and is comparable with other good sound absorbing materials. Good sound absorption property coupled with better mechanical properties makes this material ideal for sound absorption under difficult situations.


Al-MMC Foam, Uniaxial compressive test, Uniaxial tensile tes

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