Minor Scandium - Zirconium Impacts on Aluminum-6 Magnesium Cast Alloys

Priyavrat Thareja, M. K. Banerjee


Minor additions of scandium and zirconium alloy can not only improve strength and fracture toughness of the Al–6 Mg alloys, but also transform the age hardening characteristics for structural applications. If this impact were substantial, the enriched Al–6 Mg castings could be a potent material for futuristic transport sector, looking to higher specific strength and abundant availability in Indian/ global scenario.


This work reports the effect of scandium and zirconium minor addition on the texture and fracture toughness behavior of aluminium -6magnesium alloy, containing various amount of trace addition. Texture measurement and transmission electron microscopy have revealed that the evolution of texture in cast alloys after annealing is decided by the morphology and character of the precipitates. It is further demonstrated that the improvement in fracture toughness as achieved by the minor addition in Al-6Mg-0.4Sc alloy is due to reduction of the in- plane anisotropy which is secured by a favorable precipitate morphology.


Fracture toughness, precipitation hardening, anisotropy in Al-6 Mg castings, Automotive applications

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