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A Literature Review on Al-Si-TiB2 In-situ Metal Matrix Composites

S. K. Sahoo, S. C. Mishra, B. Sarangi, S. C. Patnaik, J. Majhi


This review focuses on various aluminium alloys as matrix materials used for synthesis of in-situ metal matrix composites(MMCs) with different reinforcements like graphite, Al2O3, SiC, TiB2 and so on for their excellent characteristic properties. Taking their limitations into account, tailoring the physical, mechanical as well as wear properties of these composites with the use of appropriate type and amount of reinforcement along with optimum process parameters has also been investigated for different applications as a substitute of conventional metals and alloys. A numerous research activities on aluminium and aluminium alloy based MMCs have been and being carried out and review of some of them has been mentioned in this paper to compare different reinforcements and various techniques involved in synthesis of MMCs with special reference to stir casting route.


Aluminium alloys; in-situ composites; stir casting; wear

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