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An extensive review on characterisation of Cu-Ni alloys

Santhosh A N, Aprameyan S


Copper–nickel (Cu–Ni) alloys are widely used materials for utility in marine and chemical environments for ship and boat hulls, desalination plants, Heat exchangers, seawater and hydraulic pipelines, oil rigs and platforms, fish farming cages, seawater consumption displays etc. because of their superior corrosion resistance, higher electric conductivity, heat conductivity and mechanical properties. However, the varying percentages of Copper, Nickel, Zinc and other alloying elements may lead to a large difference in microstructure and performance of copper alloy (Nickel silver). Heat treatment of these alloys is challenge to make the material to suit for a particular application. Moreover, there is always a scope for study of processes which enhance the properties of material. Hence, the present review discovers the previous studies those are conducted on Copper-Nickel alloys specifically focusing on effect on percentage of alloying elements on its mechanical properties. Finally, the review would conclude with the gaps prevailing in the previous studies and provide recommendations for further studies.


Keywords: Nickel Silver, Microstructure, Corrosion resistance, Conductivity

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