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A Combination of Shunt Hybrid Active Power Filter and SVC for Power Quality Improvement

M. Sharanya, Basavaraja Banakara, M. Sasikala


Power quality problems have become the most important concern nowadays. Custom power devices (CPD) provide a solution for these power quality problems. There are various types of custom power devices. Out of these devices, harmonic filters are considered in this paper. Passive filter and active filter are combined to form shunt hybrid active power filter, (SHAPF). This paper proposes a hybrid device for power quality improvement. The device includes combination of shunt hybrid active power filter, thyristorised controlled reactor (TCR) and thyristorised switched capacitor (TSC). SHAPF consists of a shunt active power filter (SAPF) and a tuned passive filter. Passive filter is combined with TCR and TSC. This device reduces the harmonics and also compensates reactive power. A proportional integral (PI) controller is used to generate pulses for the switches of active power filter. Simulation results are compared for various conditions and are found to be satisfactory for reducing harmonic distortions and also for compensating reactive power.

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