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Recent Progress in Synthesis of Metal Nanostructures in Plasmonic: A Review

Amita Agnihotri, Kalpana Sagar


Plasma physics is a very mature field, studied extensively for well over a century the cross-disciplinary field of plasmonics (electromagnetics of metallic nanostructures), on the other hand, has only recently gained popularity due to its potential for extraordinary light control via novel classes of materials and the resulting applications. As a result of this rapid development, the deep connections with the mother discipline, plasma physics, have sometimes been overlooked. The goal of this paper is to go over some of the fundamental connections that are relevant and, ultimately, useful for new field researchers. We concentrate on solid-state structured plasmas, basic physics to comprehend plasmonics, and the classical versus quantum treatment debate. We discuss the little-known nuances of surface plasmons at metallic surfaces and their implications for textured metallic film plasmonics.

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