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Modelling and Simulation of Urban Smart Micro Grid Operation

Carlos Armenta-Deu, Gaspard Martin


The project is aimed at the development of a new protocol that enhances the operation of urban micro grid operation. The new protocol improves the capacity of management as well as the energy efficiency of the smart grid as an entire system. The modelling considers the interconnectivity between sources of energy and consumption centers, the daily hourly power generation by the different sources, and the hourly energy demand profile. The results of the simulation process are compared to a standard operation mode of a smart grid. An urban smart grid has been designed and evaluated; the smart grid is made up of two renewable energy sources, wind and solar photovoltaic, and a conventional nuclear power plant. Consumption energy centers have been associated to industrial, commercial and residential areas, which represent the common structure of any urban zone in present days. Power transmission has been prioritized as a function of energy losses in the transmission line; therefore, the consumption center receives energy from the power source which supplies energy with lowest energy losses during transportation of the energy. The simulation process has been developed for the designed smart grid to determine the feasibility of the proposal. Simulation has been run for a setup value of power generation, but it can be applied to any other value simply sizing the model and changing the scale factor. The simulation has proved the viability of the design and of the smart grid operation in urban environments. This solution improves power generation efficiency as well as energy use at the different facility sites. Besides, the use of renewable energies as primary power sources avoids carbon emissions and reduce pollution level in the most affected areas, which are the urban sites.

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