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Integration of Decommissioning Risk Management Activities in the Safety Assessment Methodology of Facility

N.S. Mahmoud, M.M. Abdellatif



Decommissioning activities in facilities is a particular case, which includes the stop of operation, dismantling of engineered barriers and changing of administration procedures. Despite that the operation of the facility is ceased, decommissioning processes have the potential to create hazards in the facility. Therefore, in order to build confidence for the safety of decommissioning activities, safety assessment and risk management shall be studied. Safety assessment documents, prepared by the operators, shall be reviewed by the regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with safety requirements. Therefore, responsibility of safety documents is shared between operator and regulator. On the other side, risk management is the method to ensure the overall decommissioning processes. It includes safety, security and financing of the decommissioning project. The risk management documents shall be prepared by the operators and consider its own responsibility. The present work is discussed the integration of safety assessment and risk management processes to form one complete process relevant to the decommissioning activities according to some basic concepts, such as; hazard, risk, financial economics, safety and security. The one process obtained offers a shared responsibility, double revisions, reduction of cost, time, and efforts.


Keywords: Risk management, decommissioning, safety assessment, safety, security, and financial economic

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Mahmoud NS, Abdellatif MM. Integration of Decommissioning Risk Management Activities in the Safety Assessment Methodology of Facility. Journal of Nuclear Engineering & Technology. 2017; 7(3): 1–8p.

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