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Adsorption of Methylene Blue Dye from Aqueous Solution Using Polyaniline/Xanthan Gum Nanocomposite: Kinetic and Isotherm Studies

Elnaz Esmizadeh, Marjan Tanzif, Hossein Bazgir, Atena Nazari, Ali vahidifar



In the present study, adsorptive properties of polyaniline/xanthan gum nanocomposite were investigated for methylene blue (MB) dye in aqueous solution. The effects of different parameters, namely adsorption time, adsorbent dose, pH and initial dye concentration were on dye adsorption were investigated. The results revealed that a rise se in pH lead to a significant increase in adsorption efficiency. Optimum adsorption time and nanocomposite dose were obtained 60 min and 0.075 gr, respectively. Kinetic studies indicated that MB dye adsorption process into polyaniline/xanthan gum nanocomposite followed the pseudo-second-order model. 

Also, the maximum dye adsorption capacity, predicted by the Langmuir isotherm, was 22.52 mg/g.

Keywords: Adsorption, Methylene blue dye, Nanocomposie, Polyaniline, Xanthan gum

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