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Application of Industrial Waste in Metal Matrix Composite

Manoj Kumar Gupta, Pawan Kumar Rakesh



Keeping the goals of protecting the environment and exploring low-cost options for the development of metal matrix composites (MMCs) using cheap reinforcing materials which obtained from recycling techniques of agro and industrial waste products become one of the new interest fields of the researchers. The industrial wastes reinforce materials in useful way not only save the manufacturing cost of products but also reduce the environmental pollution. This paper represents a literature survey of fly ash waste materials of thermal power plant and their utilization in metal matrix composites. This paper also attempts to review the different combination of these reinforcing materials used in the processing of metal matrix composites and their effects on the mechanical, corrosion and wear performance of the materials. It also highlights the current application and future potential of composites in aerospace, automotive and other industries.


Keywords: MMCs, Fly Ash, Reinforce material

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Manoj Kumar Gupta, Pawan Kumar Rakesh, Inderdeep Singh. Application of Industrial Waste in Metal Matrix Composite. Journal of Polymer & Composites. 2016; 4(3): 27–34p

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