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Synthesis and Characterization of Banana Fiber Composite

M. A. Ansari, Sachin L. Mali, Sandesh L. Pawar, Ankit C. Pawar



Banana fiber is used for making handbags, floor mats, ropes, clothes, etc., since many years. The authors considered banana fiber to make composite with thermoset material. The purpose of this work was to establish and optimize a process for production of banana fiber-reinforced composite material with thermoset. Fiber surface modification and treatment were studied along with processing condition for polyester fiber composite. Natural fiber-reinforced bio-degradable composites are good alternative for conventional materials. Natural fibers are cheaper in cost, eco-friendly and biodegradable. In the present work, composites are made using various lengths of banana fibers and polyester resin. Composites are prepared by hand-layup process. Composites obtained were determined for mechanical properties like tensile strength and tear strength.


Keywords: Banana fiber, polyester resin, hand layup process


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