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A Review on Metal Additive Manufacturing Techniques and its Applications

Manjunath Prasad R., U. N. Kempaiah, Santhosh N.


Additive manufacturing is a manufacturing technique that focusses on producing the parts from the computer aided engineering drawings obtained from detailed modelling. The advances in additive manufacturing has led to the development of essential technological innovations with state of the art research prospectus which facilitates the development of parts that are complex to manufacture using other manufacturing technologies. The current paper aims to provide a review of the process characteristics of additive manufacturing techniques and the dimensional accuracy related to the parts manufactured. Several materials are considered for additive manufacturing of engineering components, In this regard, the field of additive manufacturing is gaining importance and has lot of prospects for evaluating its characteristics. The domain of product development has gained wide scope in its role for process optimization and has evolved into a major research area. Thus, an attempt has been made to review the research gap and identify the key field of metal additive manufacturing, this can help in understanding the application of parameters and its subsequent optimization is important in reviewing the process of additive manufacturing in Al-Si-Mg alloys.


Additive manufacturing, Al-Si-Mg, characterization, dimensional accuracy, product development

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