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An Organized Study of Jute Fiber Composites and Selection of Better Materials Using a Simplified Approach

Nirmiolak Singh, Vijay kumar Pandey, Sandip A. Kale


This paper presents an organized study of some experimental works on jute fiber composite. Ninerecent experimental research papers are considered for study. They are categorized as materials and combinations with orientations. The combination of Jute with banana, pineapple leaf fiber, aleo vera, kenaf and their various combinations with glass fiber are considered in this paper. The studies in the selected papers are categorized as natural fibers and their combinations, resins, hardeners and orientations used; treatments used during their preparation; mechanical properties and testing standards used for these manufactured composites. This paper also includes a simplified approach to sort out better materials individualproperty or using average of any number of available properties. This paper will be useful for new researchers to select materials and their combinations, preparation methodology, testing and analysis techniques to be used for their further research work.


Keywords:Jute fiber, natural fiber composites, properties of natural fibers


Jute fiber, natural fiber composites, properties of natural fibers

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