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An Overview on Synthesis of Magnesium alloy based Metal Matrix Composites

Ankita P. Balikai, Adarsha H, Sunil Bhat


Magnesium alloy based composites are viewed as potential candidates for various applications in automobile, aerospace and defense sectors. Magnesium alloys majorly consisting of magnesium with fractional quantities of aluminum, zinc and manganese, are popularly used in light weight applications. This alloy can be reinforced with many of the ceramic oxides such as silicon nitride (Si3N4), Titanium carbide (TiC) etc in various forms to improve its mechanical and tribological properties. Currently many researchers are exploring the possibilities of synthesizing magnesium through several techniques. This paper presents an overview of various synthesizing techniques of magnesium alloy based composites using ceramic reinforcements. An attempt is also made to summarize the effect of heat treatment on above said composites.


Magnesium alloy; Metal Matrix Composites; Synthesis techniques; heat treatment

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