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Cubic B-splines for Isogeometric Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates Subjected to Hygroscopic Loading Using Classical Laminated Plate Theory

K NV Chandrasekhar, V. Bhikshma, Madhusudhana Chary, Maduri Venkat Sai


Composite laminates are inevitably used in several engineering structures due to their high strength and stiffness to weight ratio. The laminates are subjected to change in moisture content and the flexural behavior leads to change in the strength. Presence of moisutre may induce residual stresses and strains. Isogeometric analysis is a well-proven method to perform analysis of laminated composite plates. The main focus of this study is to apply isogeometric analysis to determine the flexural response of a simply supported laminated plate having different lamina subjected to a change in moisture content of 1.5%. Classical laminated plate theory without including shear deformation is applied to thin plates in this study. Cubic b-splines were used to model the geometry of the plate. Four different cases of lamina, two symmetric cases which are 0/90/90/0 and 45/-45/-45/45 and two anti-symmetric cases of lamina which are 0/90/0/90 and 45/-45/45/-45 have been considered in this study. The bending characteristics of the thin plates which are deformed profile of the laminate along with the distribution of strain energy are shown. The maximum and minimum bending moment are calculated. The results obtained using isogeometric analysis are in good agreement with those results given in the literature obtained using finite element analysis performed with six node linear strain triangular elements.


Hygroscopic, Cubic b-splines, Laminates, Simply supported, Symmetric, Anti-symmetric

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