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Boron Nitride Nanoplatelets and Aluminium Nitride Incorporated Organic Organic Eutectic Phase Change Materials with Enhanced Thermal Conductivity with Low-Loading Nanoadditives

Shanigaram Pochaiah, K. Vasantha Kumar


Miniaturized high performance electronic appliances generate tremendous heat during the duty cycle, has led research community to explore advanced thermal management strategies. Operating electronics at high temperature may result in malfunctioning of compact appliances. Thus, phase change materials (PCM) are applied to maintain isothermal temperature by implementing phase transition through latent heat. To improve the thermal conductivity and to deduce at suitable phase transition temperature of novel eutectic PCM, nanoplatelets like 2D-hexagonal boron nitride (NB)/aluminium nitride (AlN)-loaded palmitic stearic acid-based organic-organic eutectic PCM (PSBx) was developed. NB's content was varied to observe its effect on the melting kinetics, thermal transport, and thermal heat storage characteristics of PSBx. Addition of 3 wt.% NB resulted in better thermal transport with a threefold increase in thermal conductivity and a decrease in latent heat of PSBx. Exceptional thermal conductivity arises owing to the formation of a thermally conductive scaffolds enriched with synergistic AlN and NB. Differential scanning calorimetry indicated the phase transition peak temperature exists in the range of 55-60 °C, which is a probable candidate for high-power electronics thermal management


Boron nitride nanoplatelets; Eutectics; Phase change materials; Thermal conductivity; Calorimetry

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