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A Novel Sensorless Vector Control of High-speed Hysteresis Motor Drive

Mohammad Zare, Abolfazl Halvaei Niasar


Hysteresis motors are super high speed motors that used in special industries such as high-speed centrifuges, micro gas turbines, and etc. They are basically synchronous motors; however they can works in asynchronous mode. In most reported applications it is controlled in open-loop scheme and there isn’t any considerable research on closed-loop control of this type of motor due to its special and limited applications. This papers presents a novel filed oriented (vector) control of a high-speed hysteresis motor. On this way, the rotor flux is oriented and indirect vector control is employed. Due to cost a difficulty of installation the rotor position/speed sensor in high speed hysteresis motors, the rotor position and speed is accurately estimated by employing a model reference adaptive system (MRAS). The validity of presented vector control and sensorless scheme is demonstrated via some simulations.


Keywords: hysteresis motor; sensorless; vector control; model reference adaptive system (MRAS), drive

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