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Experimental Analysis of the Effect of Fine Milled Husk of Rice as a Novel Filtration Control Agent for Water Based Drilling Fluid System

Pritish Barman, Nirupam Dhekial, Dhiraj K. Deka, Biki Saikia, Bhaskar J. Gogoi, Banjit Rabha, Prasenjit Talukdar


Drilling operation is a complex process that requires integration of various engineering systems. As the drilling continues, the formation encountered offers challenges to wellbore integrity as pressure increases with depth. The influx of formation fluid is contained by the overbalance provided by weighted drilling fluid column. Another critical function of the mud is to restrict the filtration fluid lost to the formation by forming a suitable mud-cake around the wellbore. Drilling fluids are designed to reduce filtration loss by addition of filtration control agents. This paper is a comprehensive study of the effects of fine milled Husk of Rice as a filtration control agent in water based mud system by experiments performed at laboratory conditions. Filter Loss and Rheological properties of the mud were studied by changing the concentration of the Husk of Rice in water based mud system.


Keywords: Drilling Fluid, Mud, Fluid Loss, Mud Cake, Husk of Rice

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