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IT Application in Oil and Gas Sector (Digital Oil Field)

Sitanshu Tiwari, Kartik Parolia, Aravind Kumar Yellenki, Vibhav Mathur, Hemangi Pujara


At first glance, IT applications with the oil and gas sector would seem an unlikely match. The oil and gas IT service demands unique analysis and comprehensive data through live energy with decades of experience in the energy industry and intellectual property from energy insights. To ensure relevance, our analysts work with subscribers and market leaders to identify and prioritize specific topics to be covered in research reports. The oil and gas landscape presents unique opportunities and challenges across upstream, midstream, and downstream operations, and IT is a helping hand which makes the job easier and fast. IT applications play a vital role in oil and gas industry; they bring the whole oil and gas industry at ease as they simplify the operations in the whole sector. IT applications have changed the game in oil and gas sector. With the help of the IT applications the whole oil and gas sector now is more or less is dependent on IT applications, the current article is on how the IT plays a vital role in oil and gas sector helping the sector to flourish. IT is in every step, or we can say in the whole value chain of oil and gas sector.


Keywords: Oil and gas, IT applications, energy industry

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