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Analysis and Application of New Acid Fracturing Technology for Carbonate Reservoir in Offshore Deep Well with High Temperature

Hongzhi Xu, Yubing Wang, Zhiwei Hao, Yousheng Song, Junyu Deng, Wenna Zhao


Acid fracturing is the key production and stimulation technology for the oil-gas reservoirs. This paper developed Loss Control Acid and Divert Acid System used in the Bohai Bay Nan-pu oilfield Ordovician carbonate reservoir, which has the problems of deep reservoir burial depth, high temperature, well developed fracture and cavern and high anisotropy. This formation used to be acid fractured with gelled acid and it responded poorly. It also has a series of developing problems. The developed systems have overcome the difficulties of acid retarding at high temperature and long interval can’t be homogeneous fractured. The fluid system was successfully applied on the well of Nanpu 283 and a positive effect was obtained. The experience of large scale acid fracturing for offshore high temperature carbonate reservoir was given.


Keywords:Offshore, Deep Well, High Temperature, Carbonate Reservoir, Acid Fracturing Technology, Application

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