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A Study on Oil and Gas Processing Facility in a Part of Upper Assam Basin

NAYAN MEDHI, Himangka Kaushik, Nitish Prasad, Anirban Rajkhowa, Tanbi Medhi, Antoni Baruah, Thong Teron


Crude oil that is produced from the oilfields cannot be directly sent to the refineries for further processing. It must undergo additional processing before being sent to refineries to prevent pipeline corrosion, resolve transportation issues and satisfy the crude specification of the refinery which can be achieved by oil and gas processing facility. It is an integral part of the upstream petroleum industry, which meets the required specifications of oil and gas before sent to the refineries. The present work aims to study the typical processes of an oil and gas processing facility to understand the design, control and optimization of such facility in a part of Upper Assam Basin. The study analyses the existing methods for crude oil and gas processing of the study area and an attempt has been made to develop the existing arrangement of the facility to improve the energy efficiency as well as product quality. The new arrangement of the processing facility can be applied to corresponding oil and gas processing facilities in other parts of the world that have the similar arrangement as that of the study area.


Keywords: Oilfield, refineries, oil and gas processing facility, basin


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