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Construction/Assembling of a Low Cost Adsorption Apparatus for Cored Clay Shales

H. Bashir, Y. Wang, A. Abbas


The secret to unlocking these reserves lies in accurate experimental data which in turn depends on the experimental method used. Recently many procedures such as manometric, volumetric and gravimetric have been developed to quantify adsorption. In this paper, we show how to construct/assemble a simple manometric adsorption apparatus for gas adsorption. The setup is inexpensive and can be built easily using part available in university laboratories. Furthermore, it can be used to measure adsorption capacity of different cored materials using different gases at low pressure (<450 Psia). The laboratorial setup permits the measurement of gas adsorption equilibrium on cored samples with dimensions of 3-inch by 1.5 inch up to 450 Psia at laboratory temperature (23°C), and can also be used at higher temperatures (up to 45°C) by using a water bath.


Keywords: Manometric apparatus, adsorption, clay rich shale

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