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Design and Layout Modifications of an Oil and Gas Processing Facility in a Part of the Upper Assam Basin, India

Prasenjit Talukdar


Oil and gas processing acts as the preliminary treatment required to be performed on the raw crude oil and gas obtained from the wells so as to make it fit for further processing in the refinery. A particular oil and gas processing facility, located in the Assam Arakan basin is chosen and a detailed study is carried out regarding its various aspects. The study shows that the processing facility has certain problems related to its design and layout which affects the entire crude processing operation. This paper aims at finding solutions to all these problems and suggesting a new layout in a manner that is both technologically and economically feasible. This technology can also be applied to analogous field processing stations in different parts of the world which have reservoirs having similar characteristics to upper Assam basin and also having crude with similar PVT properties.


Keywords: Oil and gas processing, modifications in design and layout, PVT properties, sand control, effluent treatment plant

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