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A Potential Evaluation and Pilot Test of CO2 Miscible Injection in Daqing, China

Renqing Liu


The paper introduces the entire process for a CO2 injection in the Fang-48 Group, Daqing Oilfield. A study using experiment and full-field reservoir modeling investigated and optimized the design of a CO2 miscible flooding project for Fang-48 Group, Daqing. The study began with extensive data gathering in the field and building a full-field three-dimensional geologic model. A full-field simulation model with relatively coarse gridding was subsequently built and used to history match the depletion and waterflood. The focus of the history match is to highlight the remaining oil area. And another target is to form a favorable system for CO2 injection. A fine-griCO2 model is set up after the history match. Both pure CO2 and WAG injection are simulated. In the continuous CO2 injection, different injection rates are simulated. In the CO2 WAG injection simulation, different water-gas ratios were investigated. The efficiencies of mobility control of all cases are analyzed.


Keywords: miscibility, simulation, slimtube, water-alternating-gas


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