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Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations of Horizontal Wellbore Cleaning and Cement Placement Processes in Drilling and Completions Engineering Applications

Mayank Tyagi, M. Zulqarnain, D. Yilmaz


Mathematical modeling and simulations of complex coupled processes require both robust and accurate physics-based techniques. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) have been used extensively in a wide range of fields such as aerospace, automotive, and chemical processing industries to name a few. Typically, processes during drilling and completion of wells involve modeling of complex rheology fluids, turbulence modeling, multiphase phenomena, and heat transfer. Each individual process could possibly result in a sophisticated detailed model that might not have a wide range of applicability. In this research study, two representative engineering flow examples of wellbore cleaning during cuttings transport and non-Newtonian fluid displacement during primary cementing are simulated for highly deviated wells. Potential of CFD approach is demonstrated through systematic verification and validation studies followed by simulation of complex coupled processes.


Keywords: Primary cementing, cuttings transport, directional drilling, discrete phase model, volume of fluid

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