Synthesis and Characterization of Triethanolamine Derivative of Sodium Dodecy l Sulphate and its Use in Enhanced Oil Recovery

Ajay Mandal, Abhijit Samanta, Keka Ojha, Ashis Sarkar


The paper deals with the synthesis and characterization of a new surfactant and its use in Alkali-Surfactant- Polymer (ASP) flooding in enhanced oil recovery (EOR). The material has been synthesized from sodium dodecyl sulphate and triethanolamine. The synthesized surfactant has been characterized by measuring the surface tension of its aqueous solution and it has been found that the surface tension of derivative surfactant is much lower than that of pure surfactant. The developed surfactant has been used for ASP flooding and substantial additional recovery has been observed after conventional water flooding.



SDS, Derivatives, Triehanolamine, ASP, Flooding, EOR

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