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Review of application of CFD methodologies used for methane enrichment of natural gas

Prashant Jadhav, Rupali N Agme


Methane is a major constituent of biogas which contains about 60 – 70% of total volume. For utilization of biogas as fuel, its calorific value is a limitation which can be improved by removing impurities such as CO2, H2S, and moisture. Various techniques are available for the removal of impurities. This paper aims to explore various methodologies in CFD which are used to simulate and find out the factors that affect the efficiency of methane enrichment of biogas by removal of impurities present in it. Natural gas sweetening is one of the methods of methane enrichment. CFD methods are used to find out various parameters that affects the performance of methane enrichment. Same methodologies can also be used for methane enrichment of biogas.


Methane enrichment, amine sweetening, biogas, Computational Fluid Dynamics, CO2 removal, H2S removal.

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