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Determination of Possible Point of Wax Depositionalong Flowlines in the Niger Delta

Solomon U. Eke, Stanley I. Onwukwe, Joseph O. Ebeniro


The focus of this study is to determine the possible point of wax deposition along an oil flowline in Niger delta. This research commenced with field studies to ascertain the flowline profile. The temperature profile along the flowline was determined using infra-red thermometer. Crude oil sample was taken from wellhead and laboratory analysis was carried out on the crude sample to determine the wax appearance temperature (WAT) of crude and the amount of wax formed. The data obtained were analyzed and a plot of temperature drop along the flowline versus the flowline distance was made to determine the point of wax deposition along the flowline. The results showed that the wax appearance temperature of the analyzed crude is 20°C; and the well with well head temperature (WHT) of 25°C deposited wax on the flowline at about 960–980 m from the well head. The study then recommends that wax inhibition tool should be installed at this point to dissolve any wax formed around this region.


Flowline, Wax appearance temperature (WAT), Wax deposition, Well head temperature (WHT)

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