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An Overview of Poroperm Relationship in the Recognition of Heterogeneity in Petroleum Reservoirs

Pradeep B Jadhav, Kshirsagar Lalitkumar


Reservoir heterogeneity is comprehended on different scales based on vertical and lateral variations in the hydrocarbon bearing sedimentary sequences. The two depositional systems, Sand-shale and carbonate with complex patterns based on properties of rocks help in deciding quality of rocks, the most important being the porosity permeability relationship. The intricate relationship of these two parameters if discussed in connection with sampling depth gives better understanding of variations in vertical direction defining heterogeneity on the scale of observation. The theoretical discussion and analysis of the case studies leads to the conclusion that the grain size variation led by physical processes of sedimentology is critical in sand-shale system and textural variations during diagenesis including dolomitization and dedolomitization in the carbonate system are components of heterogeneity on the scale of observation.


Reservoir, porosity, permeability, heterogeneity, sand shale, carbonates

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