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Production of Biodiesel from Fluted Pumpkin Oil

Ukpaka. C. P., Goodhead T. O, Wami E. N


The production of biodiesel using fluted pumpkin oil was considered in this research work. The fluted pumpkin was converted fluted pumpkin oil methylester known as biodiesel. The stem of the fluted pumpkin is used to produce biodiesel. Biodiesel is produced in a combined microbial/chemical process. Functional parameters checked and evaluated for the purpose of confirmation of the obtained product and the result reveals that the fluted pumpkin oil and fluted pumpkin oil methyl ester attributed to the characteristics of biodiesel. Particular importance is the flash point which makes the biodiesel a safe fuel to handle and the low pour point which allows it to be used in cold climate & biodiesel is an eco-friendly fuel prepared from domestic renewable resources.


Fluted pumpkin oil, Trans-esterification, Fluted pumpkin oil, Methyl ester, Biodiesel, Cetane number.

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