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An analytical study of the technological & managerial advancements in the sedimentary basins of Brazil with special emphasis on Campos basin over a period of 5 decades

PANBARASAN Panbarasan, S. Venkateshbabu, R. Karthikeswaran, J. Sudharsan


Once a basin is found to be economically viable after the G&G studies and various reserve estimation methods it has to be exploited for the extraction of hydrocarbon. The basin consists of numerous wells drilled at different depths depending upon the stratigraphical variations in it. For the purpose of drilling a well and installation of production facilities over the life of well and basin, the technology deployed initially will have to be upgraded in a sequential manner. In this study, we will discuss about the technological advancements made in the span of 50 years with 80 production systems engaged in more than 30 oil & gas wells in detail.


Actuator Manifold, Bore screen, Drilling riser, Frac pack, Prototype, Slender well, Umbilical

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