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Potential of Biodiesel Production from Algae

Devendra Pratap Singh


It is necessary to achieve targets for biodiesel production from Algae for the climate change mitigation and economic growth. In this content biodiesel as a biofuel is produced from microalgae, offer the greatest opportunities in the society. This paper consists the current status of microalgae use for biodiesel production, effect of parameters on Biodiesel production, process of transesterification including Lipid extraction and the cultivation, harvesting and processing of algae. During process oil from algae specie was extracted first using n-Hexane and Di-ethyl Ether as solvents, than in this process oil was converted into biodiesel by transestrification process. The effects of the Nutrient supplement, Acid concentration, Specific growth rate, Lipid productivity, biomass productivity, effect of nitrogen concentration and effect of addition of carbon source (Glucose and Glycerol) on the growth rate and lipid production was studied in this paper. After analysis and experimental data Biodiesel production (methyl ester) was found maximum in Oedogonium 95% than Spirogyra 91% and minimum in Chlorella 87%.


Biodiesel, algae, transestrification, Biomass, Chlorella, Spirogyra

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