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Analysis of Bioethanol Production from Agricultural Waste using Simultaneous Saccharification

Abdullahi, U. B, Tom Cyprian N., Achinike, O. W


This research was carried out to investigate the possibility of producing a bioethanol using an agricultural waste with the adoption of simultaneous saccharification method. The results collected during the investigation shows that the effect of different varied parameters on the yield of bioethanol from potato peels and other different characterization carried out on the produced bioethanol shows possibility in the reliability of the production process where A(B), A(0.5) and A(2) represent enzyme concentration of 0ml (blank), 0.5ml and 2ml respectively. And as fermentation time increases, there is first of all a drop in the ethanol contents % by volume (72 hours) for the respective different enzyme concentrations before a steady increase in the ethanol content. The results were carefully collected as the experiments are being carried and shows that the concentration of enzymes plays a substantial part in the hydrolysis, fermentation and ethanol yield of potato peels in simultaneous saccharification and fermentation processes. Therefore, a direct relationship exists between the enzyme concentration and bioethanol yield. This research was conducted at room temperature, with a steady agitation rate and a single Ph of 5.5. The growth media contained Aspergillus niger and Saccharomyces cerevisiae incubated and subjected into a shaker and allowed for the period of four (4) days which is calculated to be about 96 hours. After the entire experiment was set up and carried out, it was observed that all the procedures, apparatus, models and parameters considered and used during this research were all accurate, correct, exact and recommendable for the purpose of the production of Bioethanol from Agricultural Waste using Simultaneous Saccharification.


Ethanol, methane, waste material, production, investigation, experimental method, processing

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