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Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Designed for a Local Sudanese Oil Field

Ahmed S. S. A, Abdalla B. K, Elblaoul , H. A


 Chemical enhanced oil recovery (CEOR) is a method for increasing recoverable oil from reservoirs. For the past decade, several successful chemical injection projects have been carried out around the world. The SSA main oil field is a suitable candidate for CEOR methods, according to previous studies in a screening of EOR methods for Sudanese oil fields; the field is good OOIIP 161.18 MMSTB, with only 23 percent produced. The general objective of this study is to build surfactant flooding model for SSA main oil field to increase the recovery factor using CMG software to design the model. The specific objectives are to compare the scenarios that were applied to the SSA main oil field and study the possibility of surfactant flooding can increase the cumulative oil production and recovery factor more than the other methods. In this paper, three scenarios of the five-spot pattern in the sector model from SSA main have been conducted by using CMG software and all cases have been analyzed to choose the best case. Result showed that a combination of 0.9 Water and 0.1 Surfactant can increase the recovery factor of SSA main up to 37.86%.


Oil recovery, surfactant flooding model, polymer flooding, pilot wells, injector

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