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Chlorella lipid oil for biofuel production obtained by a new method of high quality concentration of Chlorella

Michael Shoikhedbrod


Chlorella concentrates are unique due to the large amount of high-quality lipid oil produced from them, which is a high-quality biofuel. The production of high quality lipid oil requires the production of Chlorella concentrates with low water content (as a foam product). Existing methods of centrifugation or microfiltration for the concentration of chlorella are expensive andineffective. The article presents a new developed method for obtaining high-quality lipid oil, in which Chlorella microalgae are concentrated using electrolytic hydrogen bubbles formed during the electrolysis of an aqueous solution of their nutrient medium, which have two unique properties: microdispersity and a negative charge of their surface, which allow them to the act of flotation to form strong complexes: negatively charged microdispersed hydrogen bubbles - Chlorella cell, the floatation of which to the free surface of an aqueous solution due to their increased volume in comparison with the individual components ensures the successful completion of the flotation process - concentration, and consequently to the production of high quality lipid oil. Formed as a result of the floatation of negatively charged hydrogen bubbles, the negatively charged catholyte solution promotes the rapid multiplication of emerging Chlorella cells, and, consequently, an increase in the amount of lipid oil.

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