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Comparison of Hard Wood Functional Parameters on the Deliverability using Buckingham Pi Theorem: The Concept of Procurement

Ukpaka. C. P., Isenelumbe Gloria Emuobo, Nkoi B.


This investigation was able to address the effect of wood density and weight on the tensile strength and deliverability of the truck performance and as medium to forecast the procurement plan for cost optimization. This was achieved using the Buckingham Pi Theorem by considering the necessary constrain factors as presented in the development of the model. Indeed, the study demonstrates the significance of wood density and wood weight on truck performance and the order of tensile strength is of Posewood > Cheery wood > Oak wood >Mahogany wood > Maple Wood > Walnut Wood > Balsa wood in comparison to the tensile strength range. This phenomena was the same in terms of the delivery time of hard wood sample in relationsip to the delivery time range. This concept can be used in planing and monitoring truck moverment especially when the road is in good condition.

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