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Evaluation of Performance Indicators for B2C E-Commerce Websites using GRA: A Case Study

Murali Krishna M


COVID-19 Pandemic made a tremendous inclination towards e-commerce websites, as the customers prefer online purchasing rather than traditional purchase. The country's demographic dividend also appears to foster and favor the rise of e-commerce. When coupled with the fierce rivalry that exists in the market, e-commerce enterprises' survival in a highly dynamic environment becomes a difficult undertaking. To ensure client loyalty, businesses must constantly adapt and develop while providing an information-rich and frictionless experience. In view of increase in online shopping among end users and Indian online shopping, a research framework was proposed. The proposed framework discussed five key dimensions efficiency, system availability, fulfillment, privacy and service quality with the subkey parameters for online shopping website. To gather initial data, end consumers were asked. A random data was collected from 200 end consumers. The Weights of evaluation responses were calculated using AHP. Further, using GRA approach all parameters in hierarchy were ranked.


Performance Assessment, Performance indicators, B2C e-commerce, GRA, AHP

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