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Progress of Graphene/Silicon Solar Cells-Present Status & Future Prospect

M. Chakraborty


The ever-increasing demand for next-generation high efficiency low cost solar cell has triggered interest to search for new materials which are easily available, environmentally benign as well as cost-effective. In this context, graphene has attracted tremendous importance due to its outstanding optical, electrical and mechanical properties, for possible application in future graphene/silicon Schottky and heterojunction solar cells. Significant progress has been noted as the power conversion efficiency of such cells have reached up 16.61% within a very short span of time, though it is low compared to conventional p-n junction solar cells. Here we present a brief overview of state-of-the-art graphene/silicon solar cell. The initial poor performance of such solar cells is analyzed and potential routes to further improve its performance are discussed. Finally the major challenges during development of these devices and future approaches are discussed.

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