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Smart Incubator for Premature Baby In An Iot Applications

Dr. P Karuppasamy, S Athimoolam


The new-born baby incubator is Vital mechanism which provides a closed and controlled environment for the nourishment of premature babies. Even though recent days, Many preterm new-borns have died as a result of improper incubator monitoring, which leads to accidents. The focus of this paper was on an innovative design of an incubator with an embedded device that monitors various factors such as the baby's pulse rate, temperature, and air quality inside the incubator. In order to maintain the atmosphere in an inside the incubator and ensure safety to the infant's life the specifics are uploaded on the android app or web page of the hospital through IoT based upon that appropriate activities can be taken in an advance. So, the objective of this work is to dazed the above-mentioned weaknesses and also provide a safe as well with affordable mechanism for monitoring the incubator.


Incubator, IOT Application, embedded device, Liquid Crystal Display, potentiometer

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