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Comparative Study on Unsymmetrical G+15, G+20, G+25 Story Building with Flat Slab, Conventional Slab, And Flat Slab Without Drop

Parikshit Kharat, Rahul Patil


There are different types of slabs from which the slab supported by column and beam is called as Conventional slab and the slab which is supported by Column and drop but the beam is not used in this slab is called as flat slab. Live and dead loads are transferred from slab to drop and then it is transfer to columns. This type of slab mostly preferred for long span areas or plain ceiling etc. these types of buildings can be analyzed against earthquake and this earthquake forces are dangerous for building if these buildings are not analyzed for resist the earthquake forces. In this study we considered the earthquake afferect and obtaining the effect and behavior of the that seismic analysis for different model of flat slab with drop and without drop for G+15, 20 and 25 story in terms of model time period, displacement, drift and base shear.


Flat slab with drop flat slab without drop, IS 1893-2016, IS-1893, ETAB-2016

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