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Polymers with Non-polar Lubricants: Degradation and Triboelectric Performance

Sakshi Sharma


Triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs) transform electrical energy from kinetic energy with the assistance of electrostatic interactions and triboelectrification. TENGs provide countless benefits, together with cheap prices, straightforward processing, and broad enforceability. In solid interaction TENGs, wear and friction, moreover, abbreviate their life span. In this study, we assessed the tribological efficiency and power efficiency of polymeric in TENG devices with non-polar lubrication limiting friction and wear. The viscosity of the lubricant together with the wetting and mechanical attributes of the polymers influenced the lubricant-dependent tribological conduct of the former Additionally enhanced and used to power the electronic device were the electrical outputs of the lubricant-based TENG system. The comprehensive review of the tribological properties of lubricantbased TENGs in this study encourages the constancy of the lubricant-based TENG sy

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