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Effect of Sol-Gel Coating on Fire Performance and Optical Properties of Wood Panels

Sakshi Sharma


Investigates the impact of sol-gel coating on the fire performance and optical properties of wood panels.SEM, EDX, and infrared spectroscopy with the Fourier transform were used to characterize the sol-gel coating, which was put on to the wood panels using a dip-coating technique. The fire performance of the coated and uncoated wood panels was evaluated by measuring the ignition time, flame spread rate, and total heat release rate. The optical properties of the coated and uncoated wood panels were evaluated by measuring their transmittance, reflectance, and absorptance. The results indicate that the sol-gel coating significantly improves the fire performance of the wood panels, with a reduction in ignition time, flame spread rate, and total heat release rate. Additionally, the sol-gel coating has a negligible effect on the optical properties of the wood panels. The efficacy of a transparent fire-protective sol-gel coating applied to wood has been investigated using a variety of fire tests, including mass loss cone, tiny single burning object, and furnace tests.. It has been researched how much heat is released during combustion, how much heat is released overall, how the flame spreads, and how well the coatings protect against heat. To demonstrate how the fire performance depends on thickness, two methods of applying the sol-gel coating to wood have been evaluated. The sol-gel coating significantly increases the thermal protection of the substrate when it is applied as a thick coating (800 m thick) over wood. This coating lowers the total heat release, reduces flame spread, and reduces heat transfer.


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