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ArcGIS Map - Location Based Khasra, Village & Property Mapping with Offline Functionality

Sandeep Kumar Jain, Sunil Kumar Jain


Abstract: This project is based on real time requirement and very useful for society. As we know that in today’s time everything is going to be online. By using this project one can know about his/her own registered property details like khasra number, khasra area, landowner name, land type, property location etc. In this project we have implemented custom map of a city for user's property with some important details and some operations. It will resolve the problems associated with land records. Now no need to go any office or contact any officers to check our registration for land. Now no need to invest money for land records. This project will also control corruption that is taking by babus. We are using geodatabase and ArcGIS Map library to develop this project. Geodatabase contains essential details and ArcGIS Map library offers feature to load custom map and perform different operations. Using geodatabase and ArcGIS Map library we have successfully implemented our ideas to show custom map for Khasra, Village and Property with different operations like Search Khasra, Layer Transparency, Map Zoom, Find Distance, Find Area, Current Location etc.

Keywords: GIS, Geodatabase, babus, ArcGIS, Mobile Communication.

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Sunil Kumar Jain, Sandeep Kumar Jain. ArcGIS Map: Location Based Khasra, Village and Property Mapping with Offline Functionality. Journal of Telecommunication, Switching Systems and Networks. 2019; 6(1) 15–24p.: 



LBS; Google Map; Android

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