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Optimization of Characteristics of a Simple Microstrip Circular Patch Antenna using Rotable Slot

Satish Reddy Kasarla


In this paper, we have designed a simple circular patch antenna which radiates at 2.8 GHz. A slot is introduced and is rotated along the center axis. We have noticed that the frequency of the antenna is varied as a function of slot orientation. An optimal slot angle is determined based on the return loss and then the slot, patch dimensions are optimized to increase the realized gain and return loss of the antenna significantly. Impedance of the antenna is reduced and radiation efficiency is increased. This antenna can be used as a frequency reconfigurable antenna or for getting very high gain by slot rotation when compared to the original design. All simulations are done in HFSS 14 version; results are then tabulated and presented.


Microstrip circular patch antenna, slot, return loss, radiation, bandwidth, impedance, gain, directivity

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