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Optimization of the Climate Control System for Pure Electric Vehicle

Vijaykumar Javanjal, Vikram Suvarnkar, Kuldip Pardeshi, Rushikesh Waghmode, Chaitali Bagul, Srishti Deo


Emission standards have become increasingly stringent, which has generated more interest in problems related to environmental pollution. However, the EV driving range suffers from A/C (air conditioning) for the comfort of the occupants, especially in very hot or cold climates. Therefore, the dimensioning of the A/C system is more important than the case of the conventional vehicle with internal combustion engine. Specifically, EV consumes electric power from the battery pack to control the comfort of the passenger compartment due not only to the absence of rejection of engine heat for internal heating, but to the lack of operating power of the engine compressor for cooling inside. Subsequently, the energy utilization for the cooling/warming of the lodge should be enhanced for the energy effectiveness of EV. In this document, we focus on the size of the cooling system because the temperature of the indoor air in hot climates is more sensitive to the thermal comfort of the passenger.

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