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Threats and Attacks on WirelessHART Network in Industrial Control Systems

Mukund P. Bhole, Vinod K. Pachghare, Sudhakar Barde


The communication between two devices can be secure and maintain the integrity of the data in which the network protocol plays an important role in the same. Due to the different requirement in the industrial needs make difficult to maintain one standard which lead to the attacks like packet injection and denial-of-service. This paper describes the WirelessHART Protocol (Wireless Highway Addressable Remote Transducer Protocol) based vulnerabilities in order to perform the penetration testing on the Industrial control system network. The attacks can be carried out by listening to the network traffic and learn the different information consist in the stream packet flow. The mentioned vulnerabilities allow attacker to shut down an entire plant network and disrupt whole processes



Industrial control system,wirelessHART,IEEE 802.15.4 standard,vulnerabilities,wireless communication

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