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Integrated Missed Call Alert Server Implementation

Dinesh Kumar Nali, Pabbu Aparna


For an organization with its own private branch exchange, the users may be sometimes out of the coverage area or the mobile device may be switched off. No user must miss information while he is away from the network. Hence the paper aims at installation and configuration of Missed call alert Server (MCA), which helps in improving call efficiency. The notification of the missed calls including the details in the form of an alert call with a text message will be sent to the user from the server, when the user registers back to the network.

For establishing a private network, the Session initiation protocol (SIP) which is a client server model is used. The server is a normal laptop with a feasible operating system, Linux-Ubuntu which is a open source and the establishment of the network is done by using asterisk software v1.3. Further identification of missed calls to the users and sending the alert messages is also done using configuring the server and a database is used to store the call records and for sending the alert notification to the users a special functionality of the server application AGI is used which calls the user and sends an alert message simultaneously regarding the missed calls user got. So, the missed call alert is provided for the users enrolled in the private batch exchange where we can expect the users to have no loss of information at any instinct which also provides high security.


AGI, Asterisk, Missed Call Alert, Private Branch Exchange, SIP, SMS

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