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Music On Mood (MARS Music Player)

Ashuli Sahare, Sagar Dubey, Mitesh Birru, Rahul Mhatre


Today, In this time world is facing many challenges due to COVID-19, we are inborn social living-beings. Truth be told the human social mind is more evolved than some other species on earth. Simply messaging and calls were not enough to uplift mood. This is where music comes in, being an essential component or significant element in life. To connect in a way the social brain will resonate on an emotional level. It takes effort to find the appropriate music. The aim of this paper is to develop a music system which takes human current emotional state and try to uplift it. The persuasion shape can be deciphered from outward appearances through the webcam. We have used Open CV to interpret facial expression. Then based on subject detected mood from facial expression using OpenCV a set of song playlist is generated which and the user will able to play it on our music player


music mood, webcam, music player,

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